5 Considerations for Mother of the Bride's Dress

Listen to Your Daughter

Begin your mother-of-the-bride dress selection by speaking with your daughter. Does she have any specific style she'd like you to wear? Better still, see if your daughter will shop with you. It's a great way to find exactly what you both have in mind. (You'll probably want to do this after she's selected her dress.) If she's pressed for time, scout a few dresses on your own and then model them during a second trip with your daughter. You'll trim hours from the process, leaving time to support her in other ways.

Remember, your daughter may seem to have everything well in hand -- checking through her list of venues, floral arrangements and DJs with great skill -- but she's sure to falter. Planning a wedding means making about a zillion emotionally charged decisions and she's going to need your calming influence from time to time. Table your own panic/irritation/worries, whatever the topic, and become a safe place for her to share her emotions. Odds are, that's all she needs to reach the precipice of her crisis and see calmly down the other side.

Mother of the Bride's Big Day Checklist

  • Check in with daughter and offer support if needed
  • Ready yourself for the wedding
  • Arrive early to greet wedding party and attendees
  • Help wrangle subjects for wedding photos
  • Share a stolen moment with your daughter before the ceremony begins
  • Savor the moment your daughter walks down the aisle

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