10 Things Your Groom Will Love (Or At Least Not Hate) About Wedding Planning


Registering for Gifts

You chose the china, so let him pick a tent.
You chose the china, so let him pick a tent.
Noel Hendrickson/Getty Images

While it's often called a "bridal registry," your wedding day gift list is actually meant for both you and the groom. Instead of handling the registry on your own, let your guy play an equal role in selecting gifts. This process will likely be one of the highlights of your wedding preparations. After all, who doesn't love picking out presents?

You'll want to register for some formal things (grandmothers love buying place settings!), but you don't have to go totally traditional. Focus on items you'll really use. Urge your groom to set up a registry at Home Depot, REI or Best Buy. Bonus: His single friends will feel far more comfortable picking out a tool than buying a piece of crystal.