10 Things Your Groom Will Love (Or At Least Not Hate) About Wedding Planning


Arranging Transportation

Your fiancé probably can't tell the difference between an orchid and a lilac, but if he's like most men, he can tell you all about the body style of a '66 Mustang or the powerful engine in the latest Lamborghini.

If he's passionate about cars, let him take charge of arranging wedding day transportation. While he's likely to have fun comparing stretch limos and Hummers, let him go a little wild. Exotic cars have become more common at weddings in recent years, so don't be surprised if he wants to show up at the reception in a Bentley or Rolls Royce.

Not only does he get to pick the car, he may also get to take it for a test drive. Even guys who do their best to steer clear of all wedding planning won't be able to resist a spin in a classic sports car.

And remember -- if it seems like he's droning on about some of the cars he's looked at, he's probably spent twice as long listening to you talk about wedding dresses!