10 Things Your Groom Will Love (Or At Least Not Hate) About Wedding Planning

Showing off His Skills
Man handy with a hammer? Let him build an altar or a dance floor.
Man handy with a hammer? Let him build an altar or a dance floor.

If your groom can't manage to fake enthusiasm over the bar menu or even the music, it may be time to take advantage of his special skills or interests. Think about what he's best at, and then find ways to put these skills to use.

Has he got an artistic flair? Ask him to design the invitations or wedding announcements. Some creative types may even want to take on designing custom wedding bands. Have your music-minded fiancé compose a special song for the ceremony or reception, or simply perform a song you both love. Handymen can build a wooden altar for the ceremony, while those with an eye for photography can choose the best photo spots and poses. Grooms with technical skills can develop a photo slideshow to play during the rehearsal dinner, or take charge of designing the wedding Web site.

The key to getting your guy involved with planning is to get him interested in a specific task -- then give him free rein. Brides, be gentle and don't micromanage. And above all, have a little fun with him!

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