10 Things Your Groom Will Love (Or At Least Not Hate) About Wedding Planning


Managing the Budget

At an age when guys are playing junior varsity baseball, many women have already started to picture their dream wedding. Well before the ring is on your finger (or before you've found the groom!), you're already imagining the perfect dress, gorgeous flowers and a magical ceremony.

All that perfection doesn't come cheap, so it can pay to leave your groom in charge of the wedding budget. Many men simply like being in charge of money, and they can act as the voice of reason when your champagne taste doesn't quite match up with a beer budget.

In addition to crunching numbers, the groom will get to show off his negotiating skills -- and he'll get a huge rush out of saving you some money. While brides may be emotionally influenced by all the wheeling and dealing, guys will take the inevitable bargaining and contract negotiations in stride.