Wedding Showers & Parties

If you know a newly-engaged couple, it's time for celebrations! Read some ideas for wedding showers and parties to celebrate the happy pair.

Planning a wedding shower is never easy, especially when you're a bridesmaid. You've already got a lot on your wedding plate, but don't worry, we'll help you plan the ultimate party without taking too much extra time away from your busy schedule.

The rehearsal dinner is the kickoff to a full weekend of wedding festivities. And as the mother of the groom, your role is to plan it! Consider this your cheat sheet to hosting a memorable, streamlined event for the happy couple.

Thanks to Facebook, you can change your relationship status and instantly notify the world that you're getting married. So why would you want to print an announcement in the newspaper?

You don't want your mom to feel like an outsider in the days leading up to your wedding, but are you courting disaster by inviting her to your bachelorette party? We'll guide you through this sometimes tricky decision-making process.

You've been envisioning an elegant bridal updo, but that's assuming you have any hair left when the big day is finally here. Every bride needs to have a little fun and make the most of her engagement. Here are 10 ideas for blowing off some steam.

The bride foots the bill for her attendants' gifts. The maid of honor picks up the tab for the bachelorette party. But who pays for the engagement party -- and do you have to have one?

Bridal showers can be stale, stuffy occasions where you rub elbows with your mom's friends. But what if you throw some sliders, beer and the groom into the mix? Modern brides are experimenting with couple's showers -- are you game?

Fishbowl margaritas and skanky lingerie: They're not for every bride. If she's more uptown than downtown or more tomboy than girly, the typical bachelorette party just won't do. Here are our 10 picks for a good time.

If the party guests range from the bride's little sister to the groom's great-grandmother, a good hostess knows she needs something to break the ice and get people mingling. In many party scenarios, games are the answer.

Ever wonder why it's customary to buy a hostess gift? It's because the hostess breaks her back -- and the bank -- to put on a fabulous shindig! But you don't have to spend much to throw a memorable engagement party.

Unlike friends-only bachelorette parties, bridal showers include mothers-in-law of all shapes and sizes. A gift of lingerie could send a guest into paroxysms. How do you plan a shower that's fun for everyone?