Should you have a couple's shower?

Pros of Throwing a Couple's Shower

On the other hand, throwing a couple's shower has a couple of very distinct advantages. The first, of course, is swag. Depending on how inventive your friends are and how well they know you, a combined gift-receiving opportunity might be the perfect time to score a few more expensive accoutrements that you can both use to set up a house, like a flat-screen TV or a new milking goat. Letting in male relatives, other couples and supportive chums means a higher present volume.

A couple's shower can also save the bride from a boring time and give her an excuse to invite all her friends, not just girlfriends and female relatives. Besides, a bridal shower may feel like being forced into a prefab gender role where a woman's job is to cook and look pretty. It's 2010. Husbands and wives are partners for life. They should get to go to parties together.

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