Should you have a couple's shower?

Cons of Throwing a Couple's Shower

He doesn't want to ogle lingerie in front of your mom!
He doesn't want to ogle lingerie in front of your mom!
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Couple's showers aren't for every couple. A new batch of problems springs up when you throw testosterone into the mix. What kind of presents should guests give? Is it weird to present the bride with sexy underwear in front of her fiance? Doesn't that ruin the surprise?

Traditionally, female parties can get awkward for the groom if he's only tagging along. And why would you want to take attention away from the bride in the first place? Her future husband's probably great, sure, but now is the time to smother the bride with some lady-gifts.

Finding gifts for one person is hard, but turn it into a gift for a couple, and you can end up with a grey mishmash of bread machines and forgettable mug sets. Despite the fact that the bride and groom are about to be joined together forever, they're still different people.

And by the way, if the happy couple wants to throw a party to celebrate their love while getting tons of presents from friends and family, they've already got that. It's called a wedding. Let the bride keep her shower.

Or not. Next up, some reasons why it might actually be a good idea to scrap the bridal shower and let the groom in on the fun.