Should you have a couple's shower?

The Couple's Shower

What exactly is a couple's shower? Basically, it means the groom's invited. As you may have noticed, "groomal" showers don't seem to exist for the moment, though if you feel like spearheading that movement, more power to you. The world can always use a few more reasons to have a celebration.

The core premise of the couple's shower is a bridal shower for the couple rather than just the bride. Run properly, the groom is hanging out somewhere, either honored equally alongside the bride or somewhere in the background quietly sipping a mimosa. It's a new tradition, so many of the details are still up in the air, but the point is that he's physically in the picture.

Because couple's showers are so new, there are a few more things to consider when planning one. Should gifts be for the bride, the groom or both? Should it be couples only, or can singletons come? Is this just a shower for the couple's friends, or should their families be invited, too? The way a host interprets the couple's shower can shake up the party a little.

The couple's shower can also spell disaster in some cases. Coming up next are some reasons why this type of party might not be the right choice for you.