Balloon Design 101

Balloons add a little levity and romance to any wedding reception.
Balloons add a little levity and romance to any wedding reception.

Are you a bride on a budget? Do you dream of generous, lovely flower arrangements and towering ice sculptures created just for you and your new hubby, but can't afford to drop a year or two's salary on your special day? Even if your wedding woes aren't financial, you might want to consider using balloons in your décor scheme.

Balloons might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you're considering stylish wedding décor trends, but these air- or helium-filled orbs are good for more than children's toys and clowns' makeshift pets. Balloons are inexpensive, and they come in countless color variations. Like an assortment of costume jewelry coordinated with a simple dress, balloons of all shapes, sizes and hues can be strung together to enhance the appearance of just about any venue. In other words, balloons are the perfect stand-ins for more expensive décor elements.


Still don't believe us? Well, consider this: You can express yourself and your unique style or theme through the arrangement, color and dimension of the balloons. Balloons are an incredibly diverse medium. Just take a look at some examples of balloon décor, and you'll get the idea.

  • Entrance Designation - Getting married is a big deal, and you'll want to make a big entrance into your wedding reception. Since renting or buying actual archways tends to be pretty pricey, use balloons to create the same effect. Try an eye-grabbing metallic hue or a shade that matches your flowers or bridesmaids' dresses.
  • Canopy - Regardless if your ceremony is outside or indoors, you can erect a tasteful canopy to designate the specific area where the action is. The canopy can be large (an expanse that covers the dance floor) or small (a dome that encloses the couple and the officiant during the ceremony). No matter what size, the canopy will undoubtedly contribute to the ambiance of your reception. Creating a canopy from balloons instead of flowers or fabric adds a little levity to the event.
  • Table Markers - One of the most obvious uses for balloons at weddings is to designate tables. Use different colors for each table, or simply add numbers or letters to your balloons to help people find their seats. As long as the colors match your theme, this will be a whimsical, cohesive look.
  • Balloon Cloud - If your reception is taking place indoors, you can enhance the venue with a balloon cloud. Floating hundreds of balloons -- sans strings, of course -- to cover the ceiling can change the entire atmosphere of your reception. A balloon cloud can hide ugly, industrial ceiling fixtures and make rooms with high, cavernous ceilings feel more intimate.
  • Balloon Sculptures - No, they're not going to resemble Michelangelo's "David," but balloon sculptures are cute, chic and very fun. For a fanciful touch, display a bride and groom balloon sculpture, with the bride made from a series of white balloons and a small veil and the groom created from a white and black balloon design with a little bowtie.
  • Balloon Doves - Few couples release doves anymore. They're expensive, hard to come by and messy. Instead, try letting go of a few white balloons. Just be sure to release those helium birds inside -- they're not nearly as environmentally friendly as the real thing.


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