10 Original Themes for Your Bachelorette Party


The Purpose-driven Bachelorette Party

All the bride has left to do is throw it in a suitcase!
All the bride has left to do is throw it in a suitcase!
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A bride spends months wading through the dullest details of her wedding. As the big day closes in, she's knee-deep in issues like whether the tablecloths should be ivory or ecru and how much is a reasonable price to pay for lily of the valley centerpieces. What she might not have been preparing for is the part of the wedding where she and her new husband actually get to have some fun -- the honeymoon. So, grab the girls (and guys if you feel like inviting any; this isn't 1890), and make a run for the mall with a list of honeymoon and wedding night necessities. Assign a gift to each guest, and make sure the bride is suited up with everything she needs: flip-flops, sunscreen, a few new bikinis and, if the wife-to-be isn't having a lingerie shower, maybe a few tasteful (or not so tasteful) pieces of provocative unmentionables to help set the mood when the wedding night rolls around.