10 Wackiest Wedding Themes



To take a lighter approach to this theme, you could serve cute gravestone snacks like these during the reception's cocktail hour.
To take a lighter approach to this theme, you could serve cute gravestone snacks like these during the reception's cocktail hour.
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Maybe you and your partner are completely out there, or maybe you're just huge fans of horror films. Either way, a zombie theme is about as wacky as you can get at a wedding.

To really spook your guests, make sure your costume makeup and hair give you the true look of the living dead -- pale skin, tattered and bloodstained clothing, and any other effects you want to add. And when you walk down the aisle, make sure it's in true undead fashion, with arms locked straight out before you and your body slowly lumbering forward.

For the reception, shock guests with a blood-splattered wedding cake (food coloring, of course). Or, to go completely over the top, have the cake designed to look like brains! If your wackiness is a few notches lower than that, decorations inspired by Tim Burton's "The Corpse Bride" will allow you a more light-hearted approach to incorporating your theme. Don't forget to rent a hearse to serve as the getaway car and to let the world know you're recently buried -- er, married.

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