10 Summer Proposals That'll Make You Melt


A Parasailing Proposal

Parasailing is a popular beach activity for the adventurous couple. A boat can easily tow two people, so hop aboard and enjoy a romantic ride through the air. There's nothing quite like sharing a private view of the shoreline hundreds of feet above the ocean waves, so why not make the ride even more memorable with a mid-air engagement?

Before you board the boat, brief the captain on your proposal plan -- he might even let the ride last a little longer than usual. As you ascend, hold on tightly to your swim trunk pockets; you don't want the ring to plunge into the choppy waters below. After you finally adjust to the altitude, you'll want a minute to take a deep breath and calm your nerves. Even though it's impossible for you to get down on one knee during your proposal in the sky, your girl is sure to remember this extraordinary ride for the rest of her life.