10 Summer Proposals That'll Make You Melt

A Photo Booth Proposal
We absolutely love the idea of a photo booth proposal!
We absolutely love the idea of a photo booth proposal!
Jack Hollingsworth/Thinkstock

During the summer, photo booths seem to be everywhere. Besides the mall, they can be spotted at carnivals, boardwalks and almost any establishment within walking distance of the beach. If you and your girlfriend can't resist popping into a photo booth for a few silly pictures (or the chance to steal a private kiss in front of the lens), this is the perfect place to ask her to marry you.

Once you cram yourselves inside the photo booth, prepare for the big moment. As the camera counts down to your first shot, take the ring box out of your pocket and present it to your girlfriend. Remember that booths snap pictures quickly, so act fast! Your proposal -- and her surprised reaction -- will be forever captured in a strip of black and white pictures. You'll both always be thankful that you have photo documentation of the memorable day you agreed to spend the rest of your lives together.