10 Fun Things You Have to Do During Your Engagement


Veg Out with Wedding-centric Entertainment

How is it that talking about your own wedding can be so stressful, yet watching someone else's wedding -- particularly in a movie or on TV -- is so fun?

When we watch wedding-centric movies and TV shows, we delight in the spectacle. My dad silently took notes on how not to act like Steve Martin's neurotic character when we watched "Father of the Bride" together. If your fiancé likes Adam Sandler, "The Wedding Singer" is a great movie to watch with him for a good laugh (and to reminisce about all things '80s, from the big hair and the fashion to the music). "My Best Friend's Wedding" and "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" are perfect flicks to enjoy with your girlfriends.

Men get hooked on bridezilla drama really easily, and watching other brides go off the deep end will be a nice reminder that you're very reasonable by comparison.