10 Fresh Color Combinations for Summer Wedding Decor


Orange and Yellow

Yellow and orange are quintessential summer colors.
Yellow and orange are quintessential summer colors.
Juan Silva/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

You'll be walking on sunshine as you go down the aisle, so why not choose bright colors that are as radiant as you are? Orange and yellow are fabulous colors for a summer wedding. They're bright and cheerful, and they won't fade out in the summer sun.

One of the fun parts about orange and yellow is that you can do really unusual things to set your wedding apart. When life hands you lemons, make a table arrangement. Using citrus fruit as a centerpiece will not only have your guests talking, it's another way to add a favor. Let your guests take home the fruit when the party's over!

With orange and yellow, you can also interchange how they're used. Try alternating orange and yellow in seat covers. DJs can also put orange and yellow gel filters on their spotlights to brighten up the dance floor.