10 Fresh Color Combinations for Summer Wedding Decor


Light Gray and Pink

Silver can go with pink and gray, too.
Silver can go with pink and gray, too.
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Gray is the new black. It's even the new brown. Why are designers going gaga for it? It's one of the most elegant colors around, and it's putting a modern spin on the classic wedding. Use it for your summer wedding, and you'll cool down a hot day.

One of the best things about gray is that it's so versatile. It goes well with just about any color. When you have a popular color like gray, its versatility means your wedding doesn't have to be cookie cutter. People go to a lot of weddings every year, and the last thing you want them to do is go to their fifth gray wedding of the season.

Pale pink and light gray is one of the best color combinations out there, because it looks really elegant and can go two ways. Gray can be the main color, with pink as an accent, or vice versa. Think of gray bridesmaid dresses with pink sashes, or pink dresses with gray sashes. Gray stationery with soft pink lettering -- or you can choose the reverse. Use silver vases with soft pink roses as your centerpieces. Let your imagination go wild!