10 Fresh Color Combinations for Summer Wedding Decor


Pink and Green

Use outdoor greenery to your advantage with pink.
Use outdoor greenery to your advantage with pink.
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Don't let your fiancé think that pink is just a girly color. The great thing about pink and green together is that they can be fun and flirty, soothing or elegantly rich. It all depends on which shades you choose.

A bright pink and lime green combination is perfect for a summer afternoon outdoor affair with a preppy beat. Outdoor weddings can also play up any lush greenery at the venue. Hang pink lanterns from green arches, weave lights on bushes. Work Mother Nature into your design and color scheme.

However, if your wedding reception is in a banquet hall that's heavy on darker colors, fuchsia and lime might not be your best choice. That's when a pale pink and forest green combination would look stunning.