10 Classy Wedding Shower Ideas


Spa and Beauty Shower

Brides, say "spaaahhhh."
Brides, say "spaaahhhh."

Wedding planning is rightly regarded as one of the most stressful activities known to humankind. And that goes for the bride as well as her entourage. Bridesmaids, mothers, the groom, the wedding planner -- everyone suffers a little in order to make a wedding happen. Holding a bridal shower at a day spa can diffuse some of that tension and make the frazzled wedding party feel human again.

While nobody does pampering like the pros, a spa-themed bridal shower doesn't necessarily mean tithing the poor bridesmaids for mani-pedis. There are plenty of recipes for facials, aromatherapy elixirs and beauty treatments that can be done at home. You can keep the session cozy by hiring a masseuse or manicurist to work their magic on guests during a party at the hostess's home.