10 Fun Bridal Shower Games


Celebrity Hubby

I, David Beckham, take thee...
I, David Beckham, take thee...
Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Everyone has a weakness for one celebrity or another. Celebrity Hubby is a lighthearted, easy game that's guaranteed to draw hoots and hollers from shower guests. Simply ask everyone to write down her fantasy celebrity husband, and toss all responses into a bowl. The bride chooses slips of paper one by one while guests attempt to match the celebrity hubby with the guest who chose him. The game is sure to reveal latent longings for anyone from David Beckham to David Copperfield (we're not judging, but we can't promise your friends won't!). Guests of all ages will enjoy this foray into fantasyland. After all, celebrity crushes keep us feeling young, hip and sexy. That is, unless you're 30 and daydreaming about the Jonas Brothers. That's just gross.