10 Fun Bridal Shower Games


Trivia Time

Everyone will learn something new about the bride by the time this game is over! Easily spun in several different ways, one popular variation is the Newlywed Game, which tests the bride and groom's opinions on a variety of issues, as well as their knowledge of each other. Prior to the day of the shower, the groom answers 20 or 30 questions about the bride or their relationship, like where they had their first date, the issue they're most likely to fight about or where they want to retire. The groom can write down his answers or respond via audio or video recording. The bride answers the same set of questions, then the groom's responses are read aloud or played back for all the guests to hear -- and laugh about.

This game can be tweaked to test shower guests' knowledge of the bride. Everyone answers basic trivia about her or completes a computer-generated crossword puzzle filled with questions about her likes, dislikes, phobias, family, alma mater and other assorted tidbits.