Dilemma Solved! What to Wear With Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are still in the mix. So, what should you wear with them?
Skinny jeans are still in the mix. So, what should you wear with them?

Admit it. You thought skinny jeans were going to be a passing fad. You weren't going to have to worry about dealing with them forever, because soon enough, everyone would move on to something else. Well, it's time accept reality: Skinny jeans are here to stay.

So, as they say, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. The good news is, you don't have to be a size zero to wear skinny jeans. I've scoured the fashion mags, checked out the retail racks, and come up with a how-to guide on what to wear with your skinny jeans. It just takes knowing what's appropriate and stylish. Let's get to it.


Find the right fit. Not all skinny jeans are equal. You want some with a bit of stretch (in the form of spandex), but not too much stretch. You don't want to wind up with a baggy butt because your jeans stretched too much over the course of the day. Try on the jeans and make sure they fit perfectly in the waist -- no muffin top -- and don't slip down over your hips, either. Practice bending over, kneeling down and twisting at the waist to ensure the jeans retain their shape and stay comfy.

Choose a dark wash. If you're heavier on the bottom, choose a dark wash. Dark wash is actually a good look for everyone because it's slimming and also a bit more formal. If you're slender, you can go with a lighter wash, but know that very light and acid wash styles are considered casual and might not be appropriate for dressier gatherings.

Lengthen those legs. Skinny jeans look fabulous with boots (knee-high, ankle booties, slouchy boots) or heels. These types of footwear make your legs look long and lean. However, if you're going for the ultra-casual look, ballet flats are always classic. Just be aware that they will make your legs appear shorter. Avoid chunky footwear -- it will make your feet look big and blocky.

Top it all off right. What you wear on top makes or breaks the outfit. Because skinny jeans are, well, skinny, many ladies prefer to balance out the look with a voluminous top that goes down to about mid-thigh or just below the hip. Never wear a belly-baring shirt, obviously, but if you're super confident about your derriere, you could wear a more form-fitting, longer top to highlight your frame, or even tuck a silk blouse into your skinny jeans and wear a fun belt. Women who want to camouflage their hips may go with a tunic-style top, or even a cardigan.

If you want to wear something long that covers your behind (don't we all), take a good peek in a four-way mirror (or maybe enlist a friend) to ensure it doesn't backfire and actually make you look wider. Don't wear a long top if it's shapeless. Make sure it has some fit to it. It's all about silhouette. If you like the top, but it's not fitted enough, try a belt with it to give your outfit a waist.

Don't be afraid of skinny jeans -- they're for everyone!

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