Update Your Spring Wardrobe in 5 Steps

Lose the High Heels

Spring and summer dressing is casual, which means a less formal approach to footwear, too. We love the look of towering high-heel shoes, but making a striped or tight denim pant work may require a low profile approach to foot fashion. Flats are definitely in, especially for evening. They'll look comfortable but stylish with pointed toes and long lean lines -- which is a nice change if you spent all winter walking around on 5-inch (12.5-centimeter) (or higher) stilts.

If you need some elevation for your petite frame, wedges and low-heeled sandals with elaborate ankle straps were also big winners during fashion week. If this means a new shoe wardrobe, then congratulations are in order. To stay within budget, a couple of strategic purchases will get you through the season: Black flats and white sandals are good choices, of course. You might also want to splurge on a sandal made from a natural material like cork, jute or another woven grass. Textured fabrics in sandals and flats work well, too. Try denim, canvas, bamboo or natural cotton.

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