Update Your Spring Wardrobe in 5 Steps

Freshen up your look with brightly colored jewelry.
Freshen up your look with brightly colored jewelry.
Arun Nevader/Getty Images

Have you ever wondered why fashion has so darned many seasonal rules? There are rules that govern when you can wear white (maybe), when you should (and shouldn't) wear some fabrics and even when it's appropriate to wear certain shoe styles. Bah! It's a good thing many modern designers are reinterpreting the old rules in favor of an eclectic sensibility that says, "If it looks great, go ahead and wear it." And that actually brings up a good point. How can you successfully adapt your look to the march of the seasons -- and to what those quirky designers have up their sleeves this year? Sometimes having too few rules is as frustrating as having too many.

Is it possible to repurpose, reuse and recycle items in your wardrobe for spring? Can you be stylish, ecofriendly, money savvy and a clothes lover too? Oh, and here's the big one: Is it possible to add a few new items to a keep spring wardrobe fresh without ruining your bank balance in the process?

The answer to all these questions is an enthusiastic "yes." When frosty mornings are a thing of the past, and the kids in your life are starting to talk about Easter-egg hunts and summer camp, it's time to update your spring wardrobe -- with a flexible 21st century sensibility. You'll be surprised at what you can do with a little imagination.