Update Your Summer Wardrobe in 5 Steps

Know Your Body Type
Knowing what fits your body best makes updating your wardrobe easy.
Knowing what fits your body best makes updating your wardrobe easy.
Jamie Grill/Getty Images

Even if you no longer enjoy the summer vacations of your student years, summer is supposed to be the season of relaxation. However, its skimpier fashions can make shopping trips stressful. Let's face it: Not everyone is comfortable in skintight skinny jeans and crop tops. Instead of wasting time and emotional fortitude trying on every trend that's splashed across the summer magazines, do some research to figure out which styles are best for your body.

If you're uncomfortable with your midsection, for example, you might be surprised at how many options you have for summer styles. For women, flowing bohemian-inspired tops look pretty and on-trend without seeming like you're trying to cover anything up. Men can take advantage of the slimming powers of tailored button-down shirts; in a lightweight material like linen or cotton, these styles help you look and stay cool.

If you don't know off the top of your head what looks good, use your closet inventory to help figure it out. Start by taking a look at what you decided not to keep. Is there a common theme among the items you decided to dump or donate? You might notice that you only kept tailored pieces or that anything sleeveless got axed. These are important guidelines to remember as you hit the stores: Trends may be enticing, but don't waste your time -- or money -- on anything that you know will just end up in a pile on the floor in a few months.

Never let it be said, however, that we're anti-trend. Keep reading for tips on integrating the pieces of the moment into your wardrobe -- without going broke.