How to Work Cosmopolitan Flair with Urban Style

Take your urban style up a notch with some cosmopolitan touches.
Take your urban style up a notch with some cosmopolitan touches.
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In the age of music mash-ups, shabby chic décor and Asian fusion fare, sporting a singular style is way passé. Whether your urban style is hip-hop influenced or just simply the look of a busy city dweller, both have one thing in common: practicality with a bit of pizzazz. There's not a lot of room for fuss in urban style because you need to get where you're going in comfort. This means practical fabrics like cool cottons, stretchy knits, denim that gives and shoes that let you move. In the summer, you're looking at gauzy dresses and knit skirts paired with cotton tops and ballet flats. Cold weather urban gear may mean boyfriend jeans and big boots with a tailored top and a warm, but fitted, jacket.

So, what would it mean to add some cosmopolitan flair to your urban style? By definition, cosmopolitan means someone who is familiar and at ease with many cultures. So, if you want to appear street smart with a world view, a great example of incorporating this attitude into your wardrobe would be donning a colorful kaftan over your skinny jeans for a look that's "Marrakesh-meets-the-Big Apple." If you're feeling a little bohemian, you can pair a flowy top with colorful embroidery with your favorite short shorts and gladiator sandals. Or a peasant skirt with a cotton tank and your beat up Chucks to mesh cosmo and urban -- we're picturing 17th-century gypsies rather than Sienna Miller.


Tips to Add Cosmopolitan Flair to Urban Style

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to add cosmopolitan flair to urban style is through accessories. And while amassing scarves and jewelry from your travels is the ideal way to keep it cosmo, not all of us have the travel budget to keep our style transitioning through the seasons. Keep an eye on what's hot on the runways -- which is often inspired by a hybrid of cosmopolitan fashions -- because you're sure to find cheap knock offs a short time after the close of fashion week.

Look for a smart hat that will always up the ante on an outfit. Fedoras are back for fall if you want to add a little film noir fashion to your urban duds. Big baubles never seem to go out of style and wear well with a simple cotton t-shirt and jeans, so look for strands in dyed wood or shiny plastic to glam up a pared down urban look. Seasonal handbags are another way to incorporate cosmopolitan details into urban style. Fall styles seem to be favoring simple forms with lots of embellishments like glitter and feathers. A shiny clutch and some oversized hoops are great ways to rock your urban basics while adding some cosmopolitan flair.


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