When/How to Wear White

Winter White

As long as the fabric is appropriate, white can be worn year-round.
As long as the fabric is appropriate, white can be worn year-round.

Fortunately for lovers of white clothing, fashion trendsetters have tossed the stuffy "no white after Labor Day" rule right out the window. That isn't to say, however, that there aren't rules on how to wear white in the cooler months that should still be upheld. In the fall and winter, wools and tweeds are preferable to light cottons and linens, simply as a matter of comfort and warmth. Sure, you could pair your flowy, white cotton dress with a warmer wool blazer, but the summer fabric will still look out of place amidst the colors and feel of fall and winter. Just as white wool pants aren't a good pick for July, your favorite white linen pants should stay on a hanger until around the time when the lilies start blooming next year.

Winter white has solved the problem for a lot of clothing designers who don't want to banish white during the cooler half of the year. And the way to pull it off is to pair it with other colors. For example, a white mohair sweater looks great in the winter with dark denim jeans and a pair of ankle boots, while a white maxi skirt or dress pairs well with a furry vest in black or gray. White denim goes well with a seasonal pullover and biker boots. And of course, a white wool coat can make an outfit. All of this being said, however, there still is one rule that even the most daring fashionistas adhere to -- no white shoes in the winter.

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