How to Find the Perfect Prom Dress

Prom Dress Colors and Fabrics

Prom-dress colors and fabrics run the gamut from whites to brights and from chiffon to silk-jersey. Before you make a choice, consider which ones will most flatter your assets. Warm skin tones tend to glow in warm colors such as orange, bronze, coral and tan, while cooler tones thrive in cool hues like blue, silver, mint and emerald. Pink, white, peach and red often look good on everyone. Purples, too, can flatter cool and warm alike.

For fabric, decide whether you want to show off your curves or minimize them. Very stretchy fabrics and large prints will accentuate your shape, while heavier fabrics with less give, solids and tiny prints can help camouflage "trouble areas."

Current trends are wide-ranging, so it shouldn't be tough to find the right color/fabric combo for your ideal look. On the trendier end, you've got animal prints, brights (coral, teal and cobalt blue are huge), all-over sequins, feathered skirts and flowy chiffon overlays. Toward the more timeless end, pastels (especially white and blush), beading, satin and draped jersey can set a stylish but classic tone.

Cuts and lengths are as important as colors and fabrics in determining which dress makes you look and feel your best, and the range of choices there are just as plentiful. They're also, to the occasional distress of school officials, a bit more extreme ...

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