How to Find Petite Jeans That Fit

Petite Jeans: Inseam

To get a leg up on finding a fabulous pair of jeans, measure your inseam. It's the key to a good fit. Measure from your crotch to just below your ankle, and make a note of the measurement for future reference. It will help you in buying all types of pant styles, not just jeans. Once you know your inseam measurement, it'll also be easier to anticipate the way a pair of jeans will fit before you ever try them on.

Most petite women have an inseam between 26 and 31 inches. That's a big spread. If you're lucky and have long legs, that's great. If you're on the shorter side of that range, don't despair. Clever styling and fashion camouflage tactics were made with you in mind. We'll have some special tips and tricks on the next page.

Don't forget that even prewashed denim will shrink a little over time. For a comfortable fit, opt for jeans that are about a half inch longer in the inseam than you need them to be. That way you'll have plenty of room now and later. Be sure to do the sit down test just to be sure.

All jeans are not created equal. Try on a number of styles when you shop. If you find a pair of jeans you like but they seem a bit short in the inseam or small overall, try the next size. If that size is too big, go back to a smaller size but pick a different pair of identical jeans. Mass produced jeans are often a bargain, but there can sometimes be variations within a size designation. If the size 12 you tried on is a little too small, switch it out for another 12 -- and another. With some perseverance, you may find the perfect fit.

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