How to Find Petite Jeans That Fit

Petite Jeans: Size Tips

If you're petite, you've probably tried on clothes that were clearly designed for a body style very different from yours -- even when the size on the label was in line with what you typically wear. That's because standard sized clothes are scaled for women with longer waist measurements, longer inseams (typically), wider shoulders and longer arms. The disparity can be so great for some petite women that wearing conventional women's sizes makes them look like they're playing dress up in their mom's clothes. When trying to find jeans that fit, it isn't just the hemline that's important. If you're petite and trying to finesse your way into a pair of boy's jeans, the waistline will likely be too large, there'll be a pooch in front and the crotch will be south of your true center, too.

This is the secret to sizing jeans and other women's garments for a petite frame: Evaluate your true size and wear clothes designed to fit your form. If you are less than 5' 4" tall, get yourself to the petite department. It's where you belong. If you're not sure what size you should be wearing, visit an upscale boutique and ask for some expert advice. Many women are shy about asking clothing store clerks for basic information about sizing, styling and current fashion. These salespeople are pros. They can be an invaluable resource for information and recommendations.

There are some other things you should keep in mind when considering a jeans purchase:

  • Don't get greedy. You may feel you have to fit into a specific size to be satisfied with a pair of jeans, but that's just not true. Clothing sizes aren't as standardized as they used to be. You may be a size 6 in one manufacturer's brand of jeans and a size 8 in another brand. Don't let vanity mislead you into buying jeans that look and feel lousy because they carry a small size label.
  • Be prepared. When you shop, wear the undergarments and shoes you plan on wearing with your new jeans. It's a good way to rule out any nasty surprises once you get your purchase home.
  • Sit down. Before you grab your credit card, sit down, literally, to see how your jeans feel and look. Are they tight in the crotch? Do they gap at the waist? Are there gaps or puckers in the pocket area? Do any of the rivets, jewels or other hardware items poke or pinch? Does the zipper bow out or begin to separate at the top? Also, do you kinda feel the way a stuffed sausage looks (never a good thing)? If you do, remember that all jeans shrink a little. Counting on the fabric to ease out enough to accommodate your stomach or thighs may be a pipedream.

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