How to Find Petite Jeans That Fit

Everyone needs a perfect pair of jeans!
Everyone needs a perfect pair of jeans!

Jeans are one of those must-have fashion items. They can also be a crucible of fashion -- a garment that either makes your look or leaves you looking like a fashion wannabe. Jeans can be cruel. When you're petite, the jeans dilemma can take on added poignancy, too. For petite girls, that coltish, long legged look is harder to achieve. Actually, the reality is all about numbers. The term petite as it relates to clothing doesn't mean elfin or gamin. It doesn't mean waiflike. It just means short -- as in 5'4" or less. This is a vertical assessment only. It has nothing to do with weight or girth. There are supersized petite fashions just as there are large misses-sized fashions.

Petite fashions are about more than just hem length, though. Some petite women make the mistake of thinking that wearing a petite size just means having all your pants hemmed a couple of inches shorter than everyone else's. It's actually more complicated than that. Petite women who shop for jeans in the boys' section of the local department store are missing the boat in a big way. Short in stature means proportionately shorter from head to toe. To wear jeans and other garments well, it's important to downscale your choices and make finding a good fit your top priority. To do that, let's mosey over to the petite department and see what makes short stature garments unique.

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