How to Find a Flattering Swimsuit

You may not have the body of a celebrity, but that should never let that stop you from hitting the beach.
You may not have the body of a celebrity, but that should never let that stop you from hitting the beach.
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It's a simple equation: Take one celebrity, add a swimsuit and the paparazzi's long camera lenses. Multiply that by tabloid writers and editors who highlight every bit of cellulite and fat on the celeb's body, and the result makes you feel insecure about your own figure. After all, if a celebrity doesn't look good in a swimsuit, how can you?

Never fear – all you need is a small change in perspective. You can look celebrity-beautiful in a swimsuit, but not necessarily beautiful in the suits you see most celebrities wearing. You might discover that all you need is a different look.

The real key to looking great in swimwear is to find a style that suits you best. Different people have different body types, so it's important to find a suit that highlights your assets and deemphasizes parts of your body you may not feel so comfortable about.

The first step in finding the right swimsuit is to know your body type. Do you have an hourglass figure, with a curvy chest and hips? Perhaps you're a pear-shaped woman who's small chested but has larger hips. Round or apple-shaped women have a larger tummy that's usually larger than their bust and hips.

Curves aren't the only feature that can dictate your body type. Some women have no curves. If you're a straight-bodied woman, you should look for styles that play up your assets as well. Those with athletic bodies also need to be aware of their size, because even though you may be lean, with your muscles you may not be able to pull off the same cut of suit than someone who has a straighter figure.

Shopping for body type isn't just for women. Men should also be aware of their frame and size when shopping for swimsuits, because not everyone can --or should-- pull off a Speedo.

So what styles of swimsuits should you look for? Take a look at some of these ultra-flattering styles.