A Guide to Finding Pants That Fit

Discover the Leg Style That Looks Great On You

Few things can make you smile brighter than finding a great pair of pants.
Few things can make you smile brighter than finding a great pair of pants.
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The cut of the leg on a pair of pants has a huge bearing on how the style looks on your body shape. Boot cut style pants that fit tighter in the thigh and then slightly flare out from the knee to the ankle do more for your legs than accommodate a pair of boots. They also give the illusion of a longer leg and help balance out your hips, whether you're shaped like Cameron Diaz or Christina Hendricks. This cut tends to be much more flattering on most figures than wide leg pants that start widening at the hips. Plus-sized women wear flares, which are a little wider at the ankle than boot cut legs, particularly well, because this style balances out a larger frame more effectively than pants that taper at the bottom.

Boyfriend jeans are great for athletic builds that are shaped like a triangle because the loose style of the legs add a little volume to the bottom, balancing out the contrast between wide shoulders and slim hips. Athletic bodies also work better in straight cuts than skinny styles for the same reason. Ladies with petite frames look best in fitted legs that hit below the ankle to add the illusion of height to their shorter stature. Hourglass figures wear slim silhouettes well, but you're better off choosing cuts with roomier thighs and a tapered leg rather than a skinny one.