Fashion Tips for Women in Their 40s

Solid Foundations

Choose heels with a bit more support.
Choose heels with a bit more support.
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We've all orchestrated the perfect outfit, only to have it fall apart over the wrong shoes. Viewed in isolation, the differences between two pairs of shoes might be subtle, but when you're relying on them to complete a look, the impact is significant. That's why we need so many shoes.

But we need to be practical, too. Strappy, tottery stilettos are for kids. Well, they probably aren't smart for any age, but they're defiantly something women over 40 should leave for special occasions. Oh, and limit the flip-flops to the gym shower. They don't belong anywhere else.

To complete the mature-chic look, build on a solid foundation -- shoes you can walk in confidently. Black and brown flats, pumps, and boots that combine lower, broader heels with a supportive, flexible structure and feminine shape provide tons of options.

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