Fashion Tips for Women in Their 40s

Casual Weekends

Jeans aren't just for youngsters.
Jeans aren't just for youngsters.
Siri Stafford/Digital Vision/Thinkstock

You can look stunning in jeans. Stop shaking your head -- there are many more options now than there used to be. The trick is getting the right fit and having them shortened to the perfect length. To pull this off, you'll need several pairs of jeans, adjusted to several pairs of shoes: flats, medium heels and high heels. And your jeans should look new -- dark, crisp and whole, not holey.

Opt for plain, feminine cut T-shirts or simple, beautifully structured sweaters. Get rid of the old logo and rock band T-shirts and sweatshirts, or pack them away with other souvenirs from your youth.

Understated jewelry lets everyone see you know how to relax without letting yourself go. Go with stud or hoop earrings and a fluid chain bracelet to look both comfortable and polished.