Casual Indie Style on a Budget

Vintage stores are a great source for low-price indie looks.
Vintage stores are a great source for low-price indie looks.
Alija/Agency Collection/Getty Images

The look can defy definition -- vintage, bohemian and modern all at once. And that's just the tip of it. Matching or not, nerdy or not, carefree, creative, sometimes weird and occasionally cute, the "indie" style is pretty much anything you want it to be if what you want is not what most consider mainstream.

The word "indie" once had nothing to do with clothing and shoes and hair styles. Back in the '20s, it described independently owned film companies, and later it came to apply to independently produced music, as well. The jump to fashion and general outlook is fairly recent, and the indie culture today reflects an interest in all things not mass-produced. It's about hand-made, vintage, one-of-a-kind and small batches. In theory, no two indies look alike.

Of course, as happens with most things cool and different, "indie" has gone mainstream.

Bad news for hardcore devotees, perhaps, but good news for those who want the look without searching far and wide and paying non-mass-produced prices. For those who want indie-casual without a lot of effort or expense, the options are limited only by imagination.