5 Ways to Wear Seersucker

Suits or Pants

Seersucker got its start in suit form, with jackets and pants worn together on warm Southern days, and suits are still in fashion -- for men and women -- depending on the occasion and the way they're worn. There can be too much of a cool thing, but top-to-toe stripes is generally the way to go for guys at the Kentucky Derby, a Mint Julep-themed party or in locales where a seersucker suit is the only suit in the closet -- for instance, some bastions of the Old South.

Wearing the thin, crumply matching jacket and pants works in cities and northern towns too, as long as it's balanced with an un-patterned or subtle shirt, solid colored tie and classic, non-fussy shoes. And the reverse works, as well. A seersucker shirt underneath a classic solid suit is cooler and cool.

Fashion-forward youngsters also have a better chance at wearing seersucker suits well, though mostly with a bit of tongue-in-cheek styling that plays up the overdone stripes, whether traditional widths or super thin pin lines.

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