5 Ways to Wear Madras

This skinny belt looks great with jeans or a dress.
This skinny belt looks great with jeans or a dress.
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Designers like Alessandro Dell'Acqua have used madras and other shirting fabrics in their spring clothing lines, but you may want to start small. No problem. Madras is pretty democratic. You can find it in everything from ties to loungewear. If you're a minimalist, consider adding a blue and green madras belt to that no nonsense navy blue dress. What about a madras tie for your honey's linen blazer. Madras pocket squares are also a nice touch. Whether it's a hair ornament or a plaid sneaker with more personality than arch support, if you can say it with fabric, you can celebrate it with madras. Don't be shy. Get out there and adopt a plaid of your very own.

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