5 Ways to Pull Off Neon

Accessorize in Neon

Like we said, a hint of neon is just right. So accessories are a great place to start. Wearing a plain white shirt? How about some orange neon beads for a splash of color? Headed to a party in your little black dress? Put on some pink or green neon-colored earrings to add a refreshing pop of color. You can also find neon flower rings to dress up your pretty fingers. Consider a neon belt to cinch the waist of your neutral-colored maxi dress.

One accessory you'll find in neon for sure is sunglasses. These aren't the neon wayfarers you remember from the '80s, though, or the kind that get tossed out by cheesy DJs at weddings. These are stylish sunglasses in various shapes, but with just a touch of neon to get them noticed.