5 Ways to Express Your Inner Grunge

Tear It Up. Strategically.

Torn up, 1992: Faded-black shredded jeans, likely stained; graphic tee with gaping holes; hoodie with half-unraveled cuffs

Historically, damaged clothing doesn't make the fashion pages, but over the last decade, some designers have challenged that, showing shredded tops and slashed-up dresses that hint at grunge as high-fashion. But this is not willy-nilly, sloppy grunge. This is faux-grunge. Glam grunge. Pieces are head-turningly torn, tears are interestingly placed, and holes act as counterpoints to an otherwise sleek ensemble.

Torn up, revised: Destroyed boyfriend jeans with (intact) fitted blazer; raw-edge scarf; distressed-leather crossbody bag

Ragged clothing reflects one of the more interesting aspects of the '90s grunge look: So much of it hinted at unisex. But there was also a surprisingly girly side to grunge. And you can work with this ...

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