Modern Looks: 5 Ways to Adapt the Hipster Style

Embrace Skinny Jeans

This is basic hipster gear and probably always will be. It's also convenient for riding or walking around town and enjoying deep discussions about life's big questions. Hipster jeans should be a bit battered and faded. The idea here is to get the point across that you'll opt for comfort and convenience over fashion any day. Oh, and make sure the jeans you choose have a nice taper to the ankle. Pair them with a nubby cardigan or knitted scarf for winter, and choose lightweight vintage shirts for summer in gingham, plaid or paisley. Urban Outfitters and American Apparel both have collections that embrace hipster chic. In theory, hipsters avoid labels, but the look has become so popular that mass market designers have begun using hipster elements in their ready-to-wear collections.