5 Tips to Create Your 'Mom Uniform'

Purchase Comfortable Shoes

You're a mom on the move, so you need to take care of your feet. Nobody can wrangle a kid off a swing set, run errands and drive the carpool wearing sky-high stilettos. But you don't need to schlep around in ratty tennis shoes or flip-flops, either. Above all, your shoes should be comfortable, as well as fashionable, durable and affordable. Here are a few shoe styles we like:

  • "Exercise" shoes: These shoes and sneakers, designed with a rounded heel, help work thigh and butt muscles just by walking around in them. You can find them in many different brands and styles -- sneakers, sandals and even dressy.
  • Ballet flats: Moms love ballet-style flats because they slip on easily, go with everything and are comfy. You can even buy ballet flats that roll up small and fit in your purse, for shoe emergencies. How great is that?
  • Wedge heels: If you want to get some height, try wedge heels. The heel elongates the look of your legs, but the wedge gives you the stability you need to keep moving.

Our last tip may have you experiencing déjà vu. Keep reading to find out what it is.