5 Tips to Create Your 'Mom Uniform'

Pick a Mom Fashion Idol

As long as you're already standing in the grocery checkout aisle, why not flip through the magazines to see what Hollywood's mommies are wearing? Seriously -- you can get some excellent tips on how to be fashionable, fabulous and mom-appropriate from your favorite stars.

For example, celebrity mom Jennifer Garner always looks comfortable and well put-together in her mommy uniform. You'll usually see Garner out and about with her daughters, wearing jeans with fitted tees and jackets, and a sensible heel. She always looks casual, but classy. Her look works in the coffee shop, at the PTA meeting and on the playground.

Some celebrity moms make their trademark look part of their mommy style. Think Gwen Stefani and her bright red lipstick, or Nicole Richie and her giant handbags and sunglasses. Remember -- accessories go with everything!

Up next -- mommy footwear.