5 Tips to Create Your 'Mom Uniform'


Keep Your Changing Figure in Mind

New moms know that their bodies will be in a state of flux for a while. Losing excess baby pounds, breast-feeding and the huge change in lifestyle will all affect your figure. Don't expect to fit back into your regular clothes straight away; you'll only get frustrated and start wearing baggy, ill-fitting clothes.

Embrace your new body with some new outfits. If you're nursing, shop for wrap tops and dresses. You'll look dressy and still be able to breastfeed your baby easily. Buy tops and bottoms made from stretchy fabrics that can handle slight weight gains and losses. If you're worried about your stomach, purchase pretty, blousy tees that don't showcase your tummy. These often look good with a slim skirt or jeans. Cardigans are also great for covering up without looking sloppy.

If you need inspiration on your mom uniform, why not find a role model? Keep reading.