5 Tips to Create Your 'Mom Uniform'

What pieces will make up your mom uniform?
What pieces will make up your mom uniform?
George Doyle/Stockbyte/Thinkstock

Most moms love the school uniform for their kids. It eliminates the "What am I going to wear today?" hassle and saves time in the morning. Do you sometimes wish you had your own uniform, giving you one less thing to worry about in your busy day? Well, why not make that dream a reality? Really -- create your own "mom uniform."

We don't mean raggedy sweatpants and oversized, threadbare T-shirts. Those might be cozy to wear around the house, but that's the only place you should be sporting them. Your mom uniform should be comfortable, functional and stylish all at the same time. With just a bit of forethought, you can stock your closet with essentials that will have you dressed and ready in a moment's notice. And you'll still look fresh and put-together, no matter how wiped out you might be from your everyday mom duties.

Just follow our five tips to start creating your Mom uniform today. Let's get started.