Top 5 Tips for Creating Your Own Personal Style

Make the Commitment

Once you've determined your signature style, don't worry: You need not be at its mercy forever. After all, your style should evolve over time, reflecting who you have become and the internal changes you have experienced.

For the time being, however, it's important to make a commitment to the signature style upon which you've decided. It takes time -- and consistency -- for your personal style to shine through. You'll also need time to boost your wardrobe with a few new essentials that suit your fledgling fashion sense, whether you're at work, at home or at play.

And, you may just get a great bonus along the way: Dressing well makes you feel well. It shows that you care enough about yourself and the people you spend time with, such as co-workers, family and friends, to put forth the extra effort.

Upgrading your style could upgrade your interactions with others, too. While some applauded Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's chutzpah when he wore a hoodie to a pivotal meeting with investors, others didn't quite see it that way. For some, the hoodie reflected a disinterested attitude. Facebook still launched a few weeks later with a $16 billion initial public offering. Now imagine what it could have been if he'd worn a suit.

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