5 Swimsuits for the Everyday Man

The Right Swimsuit for You

When you're wearing less, every inch matters more. We say this because bathing suit styles can all look deceptively similar if you don't know what you're looking for, but choosing the right one can make a big difference in your overall appearance:

  • Look for a style that isn't baggy on your frame, regardless of your weight. Covering up with lots of extra material just manages to emphasize what you're trying to conceal -- whether it's knobby knees or a large stomach.
  • Stick with a swimsuit that has a flat front rather than a circling band of elastic. Some styles that include elastic at the waistband have elastic only around the back or at the side seams. This will deemphasize a spare tire and provide a more comfortable fit.
  • Consider going a bit shorter. A shorter bathing suit might take a little getting used to, but has some advantages. Showing more body and less material elongates your silhouette and makes you look taller and slimmer. As a side benefit, you'll get a more even tan, too. While you're at it, go for straighter, cleaner lines. There'll be less material flapping around your legs to gape or shift when you sit.
  • Choose styles with a defined fly area and parallel seaming. If you like leaving some things to the imagination, the added structure creates a modesty panel that won't cling as much or tend to cup when the suit is wet.

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