5 Swimsuits for the Everyday Man

Board Shorts

Board shorts are relatively long, sometimes to the knees and even below, baggy and distinctive for their vivid prints and wild colors. They're popular with teens and young adults across the U.S. Also called surfer trunks, board shorts are more secure than they look dangling around a teen's hips. They're designed to take some aggressive ocean wave action and stay on: Most have either a rigid drawstring or sturdy elastic waistband. Adequate support is supplied by a built-in mesh liner, and polyester fabric makes them quick drying, too.

From a style perspective, board shorts may seem like a safe bet, but they can be tricky to wear. If you're in shape, your upper body will look good (maybe better than good) and you may even score a couple of cargo pockets for your sunglasses and sunscreen. If you spent the winter couch surfing instead of at the gym, though, the extra fabric and elastic waistband will definitely accentuate your spare tire. That's not all: If you're slender, the extra fabric will emphasize rather than conceal a narrow frame, and the added length will tend to reduce the appearance of height, making a medium-sized silhouette look somewhat shorter. If you have a mortgage, a few grey hairs and think mowing the lawn is exercise, you can do better.

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