5 Modern Shabby Yet Chic Styles

Free Flowing

Just like a "shabby chic" home is designed with comfort and function in mind, your clothes should also capture this unstructured, comfortable feel. Lightweight, sheer fabrics move with you, creating an ethereal, romantic look. Skip the form-fitting styles of today in favor of loose flowing blouses and billowing skirts or dresses. Think gypsy skirts and tops, long tunics and peasant shirts with flowing sleeves. Vintage styles can be particularly helpful when it comes to keeping your clothes free-flowing; Seek out classic full-circle skirts that move in an elegant sweeping motion as you walk. The bias-cut dresses popular in the 1920s, '30s and '40s offer an ultra-flattering fit that drapes your body without being skintight for a look that's feminine and stylish.

If you feel the need to add a bit of structure to modernize your look while keeping it loose, try cinching your waist with a simple belt or scarf.

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