5 Modern Shabby Yet Chic Styles

The Layered Look

Much of the charm of shabby elegant home décor lies in appreciation for the past, and in finding beauty in imperfection. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in shabby chic furniture, which often comes with many layers of paint that have been applied over the years in various shades and textures. Over time, parts of these furnishings become worn and distressed, allowing the different layers of paint to peak through in places.

Re-create this look by layering your clothes in the same way designers layer coats of paint onto furniture -- with translucent top layers that offer just a glimpse of layers worn below. Combine contrasting textures, colors and fabric of various weights, such as a chiffon skirt worn over a solid silk slip. Try sheer tulle tops in cream or ivory worn over pastel tanks or camisoles. Layer crocheted vests or frilly cardigans over your top or dress, then top off the entire outfit with a delicate silk or cashmere scarf. Pair a vintage cape with a dress made from layers of tulle, gossamer and lace to create an elegant, timeless outfit.